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When talking about nano technology, almost everything is possible. Rayfish Footwear is the perfect example of nano technology going nuts! I discovered this really cool project on the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven a few weeks ago at a 'nano supermarket', a stand where many objects made with nano technology were shown. When I first saw them, I immediately loved them, but when I heard where they were made of, I couldn't resist furrowing my brows.

Rayfish Footwear are personalized sneakers made from genuine stingray leather. This stingray leather is created with nano technology and allows you to design your very own transgenic Rayfish. You want a pink one? Done. With white dots? Done. And some stripes as well? Done. Everything is possible, thanks to the use of nano technology. With the online design tool on the Rayfish Footwear website, you can create a unique pattern, something nature could have never imagined.
Oh, and one fish for one shoe, that's their only rule.

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For approximately $1,800, you could own your own pair of Rayfish shoes, dirt cheap!

Okay, I fooled around enough, time for some serious business. This new kind of nano technology use could cause an ethical issue. Many people would say you can't 'play' with animals lives this way, others will say that this has nothing to do with animal molestation, because the rayfish are created with nano technology and 'don't really live'. I don't know on which side I am, but anyway, if this kind of crazy stuff is already possible with nano technology, then what could we do with it in about ten years? Imagine!!

(Rayfish Footwear)

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