Rollercoaster Tycoon: House Edition

Trying to sell your house these days could be very hard due the the still unstable economy. Potential buyers even hesitate to take a look at your house, since they are not for sure if they even want to buy a house right now. Sometimes houses stay for sale for years, leaving their owners desperate.

Dutch companies are using all kind of promo stunts to pinpoint houses which are being sold, but thus far that didn’t turn out great. A Dutch company named Nationale Nederlanden organised the ‘Huizennacht’. An event where people could experience sleeping over for one night in a house they were interested in. It was a disaster, with only a handful of people who actually tried it. 

But now there’s this great campaign from another Dutch company called ABN AMRO. ABN AMRO helps people who are trying to sell their house with their new promo stunt called ‘Huizenpromoter’ or in English the House Promoter. ABN AMRO knows how hard it is to even attract possible buyers to your house, so they focused on that first important step. They shared a video in which potential buyers could view a house in Ermelo by riding a rollercoaster that went through the house. A small one, that is ofcourse. While riding throug the house, an audio tour will narrate the viewers for extra information on the house. This way you are able to view the complete house in a whole different way.

They called it House Viewing 2.0 and that’s exactly what it is. No more slow walks through the house (maybe with a scent of freshly baked apple pie?), but a thrilling experience. Maybe not the most functional way, but this way it will attract more people to a house viewing and that’s eventually what it’s all about in the first place. (And ofcourse it’s the eventual video that points out the house this way, not really the rollercoaster).

The video is the start of a month filled with options to showcase your house. ABN AMRO offers different types of advertisements, like a radio commercial and a place in their shop window to promote your house you’re willing to sell.

When talking about the rollercoaster stunt, this ofcourse is great experience marketing. People like getting entertained, even something like an ‘ordinary’ house viewing gets transofrmed into something exciting and cool. I mean, would you prefer a standard house viewing or one with a little adventure?

(I originally wrote this article as a guest blogger for Wandering the Future. Check it out here.)

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