This weekend, Utrecht was crowded with fashionistas, hipsters and cool tomboys. I suppose I don't match any of these discriptions, but yes, I was there as well! The reason I went there was because of TRASH&TREASURES, an event with secondhand clothing, nice jewellry and cool people. It was part of the In-Fashion event. An event that lasts for three days in Utrecht, at different locations. You can visit catwalk shows, workshops, expositions and much more. TRASH&TREASURES was part of this big event and I have to say: this was one of the coolest evenings I ever had...

Right after my sister and I entered 'Kapitaal' in Utrecht, I heard alternative music and I immediately saw some extremely well-dressed people. By well-dressed I mean people who look like they own every cool thing that has ever occured on a Tumblr page. I like to call them 'Tumblr hipsters'. You can think that's a negative appellation, but I think these people are the coolest on earth.

Anyway, our names were on the guestlist (how cool!) and we entered a world filled with neon plastic jewellry, polaroid cameras and men with beards. There were stands with (secondhand) clothes, selfmade jewellry and smiling people. There even was a DJ playing some cool sounds. I bought some really neat things and met quite some interesting people. Therefore I would really like to go again next time!

 The reason I'm using this event for my blogpost is because the people that were there, reminded me of an online music/fashion/digital imagery movement I came across a while ago.
I did some research and the movement I'm describing is called 'Seapunk'. The offline Seapunk style is characterized by a heavy use of the color turquoise, dyed hair (blue, green or turquoise), mirrored circle sunglasses, yin-yangs and aquatic animal tattoos.

The online imagery style is characterized by 90's pop culture influences, neon flashing colors, geometrich shapes and often oceans or clouds. Kevin Heckart is one of the most influencing artist in the Seapunk business and creates images like the one above. 

In 2012, many Seapunk lovers were 'shocked' when they saw Azealia Banks' 'Atlantis' (video) and Rihanna's live performance of 'Diamonds' on SNL (video). They both used Seapunk related images and it would be an understatement to say that many Seapunk fans 'didn't like that'. 

Seapunk fans were furious and wanted Azealia Banks to remove her video, which didn't happen.

In one way, I can relate to the people who were angry. They indeed 'invented' a new type of style, accepted in fashion, music and on the internet. But hey, internet is free for everyone to share. It's not like Azealia or Rihanna played copycat, they were INSPIRED by Seapunk.

'Sharing is caring' is a very interesting trend in this case. Yes, it's true that nowadays many people like to share everything they do and create on the internet, but this Seapunk example proves that there are still people who just don't fancy others 'stealing' their stuff. It's not 'safe' anymore to share your stuff and rely that everyone will accept that it's yours and yours alone. We're living in a digital society where you have the opportunity to show the world your talent, but you have to be aware that others could use your work in their favor.

It's a bit different when you're talking about Open Design. Here it's accepted to share and use work from others (in the Living and Appearance sector for example), but sharing your own work where you have worked so hard on and then being used by others, still is a sensitive subject for many people. The reason is simple: people like appreciation for the work they've made and they think it isn't fair to see that others are flaunting with work they didn't make themselves. And that I can truly understand.

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