Coolhunter Fleur

 (Serious Trendwatching part 2. 25 of the best coolhunts by Carl Rohde. Photohgraph by Sem Shayne)

In 2012 I was introduced to coolhunting for the first time. I've loved doing it ever since. It's something I do all day, all the time, often unconsciously. My head created some kind of radar which looks for signals and recognizes cool ones.

Since I love coolhunting so much, I challenge myself to become better and better. Improving my 'coolhunt skills' is on top of my list of things I want to do this year. Since 2012 I've improved a lot already. Trendwatcher Carl Rohde asked students of International Lifestyle Studies to help him search for coolhunts. The 25 best coolhunts would be published and guess what... My coolhunt made the publication! I already wrote about the Window Socket on my blog last year and that coolhunt was chosen to be published in the book! How awesome is that?! You can read the article (and the whole book) online here.If you turn to page 94, you can see the Window Socket (and my name *proud*). Carl Rohde combined it with other coolhunts about solar energy and wrote a very interesting article about it.
The pictures in this post show me holding the actual publication. 

This year, I want to improve more. And that's why I joined the 'coolhunt focusgroup', a group of a few enthusiastic students and our coolhunt-lecturers. Every 5 weeks we come together to share the coolhunts we gathered and to analyze them. It's not only an educational experience, it's fun as well! So every month, the coolhunt-lecturer summarizes our observations and writes an article about it. You can read the first one here. I'm really proud to be a part of this group!

And last but not least! Sem Shayne, photographer and an old friend of mine, was very interested in the world of trendwatching and coolhunting, so he interviewed me. You can read the interview here. Unfortunately the interview is in Dutch, but with a little help of Google Translate, I bet you will understand the most of it ;)

My journey of becoming a trendwatcher has just started, but it has been a great start already!

All photographs were taken by Sem Shayne. Please visit his website as well, his photographs are stunning!

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