SKIN by Modibo

Exploring the Dutch Design Week in Eindoven some weeks ago was one of the most interesting things I have done this year. I had never been there before, but boy, I was SO impressed! I really liked to talk to the designers and hear the stories behind their objects, because most of those stories were just genius.

In this post I'll show you one of the nicest creations I've seen that week. This project is called SKIN and the objects were created by Monique Diana Borgmann a.k.a. Modibo. In this project Monique used thousands of cotton buds (only the tops) to express the metaphorical skin of a human being in a relationship. Monique believes that every person creates a unique skin, according to which state of a relationship this person is in. So Monique expressed different kinds of feelings into everyday objects like vases and paintings. 

The picture of the painting above expresses passion for example. By using only the tops of cotton buds, Monique was able to create some kind of 'flow' into her objects. This way it looks more natural and fluent.

White symbolises a new start and expresses feeling insecure. It's still hard to see that Monique used cotton buds, despite the fact that she kept them white!

This actual vase was even sold at the Dutch Design Week!

I don't know why, but the appearance of her objects really attracted me, especially the painting which expressed passion. I loved the fact that her objects were made of cotton buds, but when I heard the story of SKIN, it hit me even more. Monique is right, she is absolutely right. A human being has got different relationships with different people. I, for example, can feel passionate when I'm with my boyfriend and I can feel familiar with my mother (blue expresses a familiar feeling). I think Monique expressed these type of skins perfectly.

Her creations stimulate my senses in every possible way and I don't know why. I could stare at her objects for hours and think of all kind of relationships I have with all kind of people. It makes me realize that I have different kind of feelings by different kind of people indeed. And I really appreciate these thoughts, so thank you for letting me think this over, Monique :)

(Pictures: Modibo)

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