Experience in Motion by Volvo

(Image by Volvo)

 Human Movement in the future: I guess you have heard about self driving cars already. Actually, the idea of a self operating cars is discussed so much lately that I doubt anybody hasn't heard of it yet. It feels like an actual hype: daydreaming about cars which drive themselves, less traffic accidents, better for the environment... Everyone is so keen about the idea that most people forget one important thing:

If cars could drive themselves, then what would the people inside the car do?

Volvo asked themselves the same question and, as true pioneers, grabbed this question and thought about it carefully. Their outcome is Experience in Motion, a concept which shows the other side of self driving cars. Ofcourse, you could use a device like this for banal things, like playing videogames or watching your favorite series on your tablet while riding to work. You were in a hurry when you got out this morning? No problem, put on your make-up while you drive to work!

(Image by Volvo

But Volvo thought about this in a deeper way. What if the car would become a new meeting place? A place where you could meet new persons, but where you can spend your time with loved ones as well. No need to watch the road and to sit next to each other, but people can face towards each other and talk about their day. All stimuli from the outside is being locked out, so 'drivers' can fully concentrate on each other. That's what Experience in Motion is designed for!

(Image by Volvo)  
And perhaps it's not just a place to meet: you could use this time to cook your dinner together or to take a quick nap with the two of you. Having this 'extra' time could be spend so pleasant. You are able to have conversations with other without being distracted by traffic. Social bonding inside if the car is Volvo's goal.

A new way of Human Movement, where people literally have all the freedom while moving. An improvement for your social wellbeing.

Visit the Dutch Volvo website here to discover more.

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